Thursday, July 31, 2008

Greener Grass

I'm sitting at work this AM and a co-worker stops in to see me. He's an older gentleman, probably around 70. When he first started here, I could not stand him! I thought he was ornery, demanding, difficult and a real pain in the ass. As time went on, I realized that I was right, LOL. He IS all those things. But he's also a softie with a great sense of humor. Once I hit on that and started to figure out how to goof around with him, we've become friends.

Past few days he's been asking me about my car. I downsized last year from a Ford Expedition to a Toyota Rav4. Smart move! He has 7 children and a slew of grandchildren. One of his daughters has a Honda Pilot that gets 15 MPG. She was going to lease another one and he was trying hard to talk her out of it. He came in to tell me that he made her go look at a Rav4 last night and she ended up buying one.

I thought to myself how fantastic that still at this age, her Dad is looking out for her and trying to help her make smart decisions. And then I thought....she probably thinks he's a demanding, difficult pain in the ass! And she probably gets irritated at his persistence in giving his unsolicited opinion. Well, maybe it's a "grass is greener" situation....but I sure wish I had the opportunity to be annoyed by my father's over-involvement, opinions and protection in my life.

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