Friday, November 6, 2009


Okay, I usually stay pretty much on topic but I need to rant for a moment.
What is this a photo of?
A) A 10 year old boy cross dresser with severe scoliosis?
B) A model for plus size clothing?

They are equally ludicrous, right?? But the answer is...........

As a woman who shops plus size, I'm appalled by these models.

(Are elbows really supposed to turn out in that direction??)

(Somebody call Ralph Lauren....they won't have to photoshop this chick....)
Really? All the beautiful women in the world and this is what they choose? Does plus size = stupid? Heck yeah, I'm buyin' that blue shirt in size 6XL so I, too, can appear to have a 16 inch waist!! WooHoo, bring on the Pringles and Twinkies!!! :o)


DreamDancer said...

Wow, love the post.. and so darn true! It's ludicrous! Hey, how bout sharing some of them twinkies?

Enola said...

I want twinkies now. Three of those women might be plus size.....

April_optimist said...

Good grief! I knew they used women at the low end of the size scale but I thought they were at least size 14! Not these women in these pictures. How absurd!

Ethereal Highway said...

This is absolutely ridiculous. I am appalled. I used to suffer from anorexia, and I still often have a low appetite due to the stresses and issues that come up in trying to deal with the abuse. I have a normal body weight now, but sometimes just barely. I have to be very vigilant in order to protect my health. Sometimes I even have to force myself to eat, even though food played a role in my abuse (even the sexual). I try so hard to take care of myself when it comes to my weight. I want to be as healthy as I can, but sometimes it takes everything I have just to eat well. And now I see that I could be a plus sized model! People really need to get real and stop being so stupid. I have three daughters and this idiotic attitude in society makes me angry. Good for you for posting about it. You are doing a service to girls and women everywhere by telling the truth.


Marj aka Thriver said...

Those photos are absolutely ridiculous! No wonder girls are confused about body image. Thanks for sharing these and raising awareness.

jumpinginpuddles said...

munches on some dips and bickies whilst drinking passion pop