Wednesday, November 18, 2009

You Deserve......

I let alot of things roll off my back these days. I try not to soapbox TOO much, particularly when it comes to citing societal woes. But there has been a repetitive message lately in media that is really irking me. It's the "You Deserve" message.
I have heard it on the radio:
"...get the lifestyle you deserve."
"...logon to our site for the free gas you deserve."
"...the opportunities you deserve."
" now for the free laptop you deserve."
"...because you deserve a stress free life...."
"...the banks are getting it, so call now for the bailout that YOU deserve!"
Or in email:
"Get what you deserve of the government stimulus package"
"You deserve to be debt-free!"
(this one is my favorite) "Get the better breasts that you deserve!"
It's so ugly. It's such a displaced idea. Why does anyone "deserve" all these things? And why do we need to continually reinforce the idea that people "deserve" all these great things for nothing? Why do you deserve to be debt free if you've run up all your credit cards and spent irresponsibly beyond your means? Why do you deserve a stress free life when everyone else is stressed? What have you done to deserve that? And better breasts??? Jeeez-Louise!!! Why put the idea in my head that a) there is anything wrong with the ones I've got and b) that I was somehow shortchanged and now I am OWED better than what God gave me!!?!?!
Perhaps it makes me angry because I have worked for "things" and I'm perfectly happy with what I have. If I want something, I know I have to plan and find a way to make it happen. I don't think I just deserve to have it just because. Call me crazy or tell me I'm going too far but I think these messages contribute to delinquency and even to crime. I mean what is theft and robbery if not the ultimate declaration of entitlement? You have something I want and I'm taking it from you.
Perhaps it makes me angry because I think it clouds over the simple things that I believe people, children, are actually deserving of.....Love. Protection. Security. Guidance. The things that set them up to become strong, decent, confident adults and send them into the world with head high and priorities straight.


Enola said...

Amen Sister! And I love the paperclip icon

nez said...

Thank you for sharing! I found your blog while googling for 'healing father wound', and I really wanted to thank you for publishing all this. Writing is one of your special and unique gifts, that's obvious!
And I believe there's much more for you to be found in our Lord Jesus Christ. May He bless you richly! May He bring comfort and healing in your life!
Best, Inese