Tuesday, September 30, 2008

An update from vacation

Ahhhh, praise the computer powers-that-be, I was able to find a local guy to fix my laptop. This is the first time I've connected to the internet since we got here on Friday. Withdrawal!! Withdrawal!!! It's been a fantastic week so far. Even though the weather has been crap, super rainy. Still it's not dampened our spirits! We went to a fair in the rain, rode the rides, DD got her face painted. We took a train ride and spent some time at the arcade. Went to on old-time town center where they are having a Scarecrow festival, did some shopping and wandering. Today, we went to a farm/zoo. DD got to go on a pony ride and we took a hay ride around the whole farm. And then we did a little shopping & now back at the house. Tomorrow I'd planned to stay in for the day which turns out to be a good plan since it's supposed to rain and thunderstorm all day. Thursday will be the Children's Museum and then Friday we leave (boo-hoo!) It's been so relaxing and a wonderful bonding time for me and DD. Mornings are my favorite time. We sleep in and as soon as I wake up, I open the double doors from the bedroom to the deck. I look at the trees which are approaching peak foliage, see the lake, hear the wind rustling the leaves and the birds chirping. I make a pot of Pumpkin Spice coffee, pour some raw sunflower seeds in a cup and DD & I head outside in our PJ's. I sit in the adirondack chair while she spreads the seeds for the chipmunk who lives in the front walkway. Then we sit together and watch him gather up the seeds. We snuggle in the chilly morning air, hug and chit chat. I love her observations and her comments on the little things we see. It's so fun to see the world through her eyes. I cherish this time together and I feel so thankful that in the midst of this time of such financial turmoil in the country, I'm fortunate to have enough to make these special trips with my baby.


Lucretia said...

Hi I am looking to network with other survivors of abuse. I like your blog. I was wondering if you would be interested in linking our blogs?

Enola said...

Awww it sounds just wonderful/. Bottle up the memories and cherish them when you return home