Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Uncanny Wisdom of a 4 Year Old

It was a busy morning in our house. I've been struggling with a migraine for a few days and I also seem to be developing some sort of insomnia issue. So I overslept this morning and when I got up, it was! Quick shower, trying to get myself & Bianca ready. She had ice skating lessons this AM so I was double-dressing her, packing her bag, trying to grab something she could eat in the car. I ran to Starbucks before's therapeutic, lol. The caffeine helps with the headache. From lessons, we had to run home to change and grab something for lunch, again that we could eat in the car. Rush, rush, rush to get out the door & get to my hair appointment on time.
I finally got in the car after the whirlwind and I said, rhetorically, to Bianca "Don't you ever get tired of feeling like we're running all the time?"
My brilliant pre-schooler said "Nope. I just slow down so I can breathe."
How did she get so wise??


jumpinginpuddles said...

lol she hasnt started running yet when she does bet you she wont remember to breathe

mile191 said...

WOW....that is wisdom worth its weight and more...worth pondering. THanks for SharInG. Hugs to you, and hope for a happy monday.