Friday, October 24, 2008

I'm buried......

These are actual pics I took of my office this morning.
Above is my dual monitors.....showing about 9 open windows......there are 7 more that are hiding underneath the ones on top. I'm considering adding a third monitor.....*sigh*
Below.....this is just the pile of corresponding files & documents of phone calls I'm presently working on.
Here is my "Critical" pile....(hahahahahahahahaa!)

These are my materials for the class I'm teaching to my co-workers. I have to work on part 2 of the agenda for next week already....yikes.

And here is my Inbox. The funniest part of all of this is that I am virtually paperless. Only about 20% of my work comes in paper form. The rest is online....and you can't even see any of that on my desk. I want to cry.


Enola said...

But the piles are so NEAT! I'm impressed. I did see Starbucks too - that's a necessity.

Hope you dig out soon!

Angel said...

Wow. Your desk does not at all give away how panicked and overwhelmed you feel. It looks under control. Virtually paperless--what a concept.

Are you only that neat at work or are you that neat at home too? Because that is a gift, if you can have both that neat!

Rising Rainbow said...

I'm with enola, the piles are so neat! My desk and surroundings area look like nothing but messy clutter. You wouldn't even know there was important stuff there.

Hope you get unburied soon....

Perfect said...

OMG...neat, really? It looks like a disaster to me, especially considering that this is only representative of about 20% of the work that is waiting to be done!

Tamara said...

Good grief - that looks like several months worth of work! I feel overwhelmed for you.

Sending you lots of energy!