Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Update to yesterday's post

& general update. I wrote yesterday's post in haste while trying to leave my office. My daughter is sick and she was in my office with me, very impatiently trying to get me out the door. Despite a trip to the ER, she's really fine. It's an asthma thing that happens a few times each cold season. I gave her the max # of treatments (4) of her inhaler and she was still having trouble breathing so her doc told me to run her through the ER for a check over & loading dose of steroids. So we biggie. Just an inconvenience. She's got an RX for the steroids for the next 5 days, an appt with her specialist next week. She slept great last night (nice change for both of us from the night before where she coughed nonstop from 1am til 4am & again from 6am-8am. We're both beat. She gets the luxury of napping....Mom doesn't.

Presently, I have a moderate migraine. I'm exhausted. Let me back up....Monday night is when DD was up all night coughing. I barely slept. I was bringing her to daycare & waiting for her inhaler to kick in. In the car, she had a coughing fit so hard that she threw up. Fortunately, there was almost nothing in her stomach so it was an easy clean up. After that, I decided I couldn't bring her to school. I left a msg for her Dr for some guidance what to do next. I came to work with her, totally unprepared since I left the house with the intention of bringing her to school. So I had no portable DVD, no toys, no nothing. She was pretty patient, all things considered. I got some urgent things taken care of. I took her to the potty before we left where she proceeded to pee all over her clothes and I discovered she'd pooped in her pants a little bit. Joy. I'm SO F*%#$ing tired of potty issues, I could positively scream. I digress..... So not only am I leaving an hour later than I'd hoped to but now I have to stop home to change her clothes. We do that, go to the ER which is so packed I can't even find a place to park. I had a standing appt with my Alarm company for 2:00. At this point, it's 12:30. So I go home and figure we'll head back after the alarm people come. Tues is my usual night for choir rehearsal. I couldn't cancel last night for 2 reasons: #1 we're singing this weekend so I needed to run through the schedule and #2 I'd told the people who have rehearsal at their house (who feed us dinner every Tues) that I was bringing dinner for them that night. So while at home waiting for alarm-guy, I cooked a huge meal. Alarm-guy came & fixed my problem. I finished dinner, packed up the car & took DD back to the ER which was still quite packed. Once done, I dropped off DD's RX, we went to choir, had dinner, ran through rehearsal, left @9:30, picked up RX and was home by 10:15. Put DD to bed & collapsed myself. This AM was rough....migraine, DD not wanting to get out of bed, fighting me, running 30 minutes late. I get to work where I have 18 voicemails, 49 emails, a meeting waiting for me and people knocking at my office door....."I need this", "Did you get a chance to do that?", "So&so called yesterday and is waiting on such&such" FFS!!!!!! I can't deal. I keep breathing & repeating to myself as T told me to......"I have all the time to accomplish everything I need to do today" I've asked my Mom to meet me here at my office tonight to entertain DD so I can work late. Because tomorrow I'm out of the office all day at a seminar and I lose half of Friday to teaching a class here in the office. I'm so behind it makes my head swirl. (Which is, of course, best dealt with by taking an hour to blog instead of working). Oh yeah...AND! I forgot my Effexor last night and have none with me. I'm already having withdrawal dizziness, weakness, confusion & "brain-buzzing" Should be in great shape by the time I get home tonight. OY! Vent over....moving on.

Had a dream the other night which I had to laugh about when I thought it over. I had brought my car to a garage to have it fixed. When I returned to get it, it was absolutely torn to shreds....stripped, cut apart, torched. A disaster. I went out and got a new car....a brand new shiny red Saab convertible and I was sitting in it, reveling in my new ride and thinking to myself that I would never, ever let anyone else work on this car. dream interpretation, a car is a classic symbol of yourself. So basically my dream says I gave the care of myself over to other people and I ended up a wreck. I realize in going out and creating a "new me" that I need to be the sole person responsible for my care. Amen!

So to expand a little on yesterdays post....I was giving it more thought in the car after I left here. I started to delve into the feelings and maybe come up with something new. A while back, I started reading a book about eating disorders. I posted about it here. And I realized that Food is actually a very powerful relationship in my life. Taking that into consideration, it's not surprising that I attach "human" qualities or emotions to food. I think about a "being" (be it animal or plant) that was raised/grown with sole purpose of providing sustenance or nourishment to a person. Add to that the function that food serves in my life, which is to provide comfort, solace, happiness. When I think about throwing that away, I feel like this "being" has just had it's entire "life" made a mockery; that it was brought into the world for a purpose and then ended up in the trash unable to fulfill it's sole responsibility. I find it difficult to be the perpetrator in the "death" of this "being". (Sorry for all the ""s....I'm just trying to be sure this comes across clearly that I know I'm attaching irrational ideas to an inanimate object) It's particularly difficult with meat because I know that really once was a living creature. I have a habit of keeping things in my fridge after I know they are no longer edible because it's just emotionally difficult for me to trash it. I tend to clean the old stuff out of my fridge in one swoop every week or so....I guess I white knuckle my way through it as fast as I can and then take the trash to the dumpster immediately. I feel guilty afterwards. I don't want the evidence around me.

I'm really glad that I watched that show because I don't know that I would have identified this unless I heard the woman on the show make that statement. I guess I have something to talk to my T about when I see her next. And I think I need to return to reading my eating disorder book. This is all about to come to a head and I know I'm feeling the need to deal with it from every angle of my life. I feel like the walls are closing in on me and my time is running out to return to my comfort zone, my coping tool. It makes me very anxious to say the least.


Strong and determined said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog. It would be great to have some support we both try to recover from this addiction. I have a few friends with weight 'issues' but none who understand they way this addiction controls my life. They eat because it tastes good, not because it will stop an overwhelming feeling, or to help them deal with a stressful day, memory, event, etc.

Sorry about the VERY stressful week you've had thus far, and hope that it calms down for you a bit so you can get some much needed sleep!

Enola said...

((Hugs)) Hope daughter feels better soon.

Take some time and put about 5 effexors in a small pill bottle in your purse. That way when you forget to take it, you have some with you!

Angel said...

((hug)) for a rough week.