Thursday, December 27, 2007


Well, it was a fabulous Christmas. I feel like I have to think real hard to remember what's happened since I was last here! Saturday we got out nice and early and hit up a few stores as they opened to get last minute items done. I'd left my cell phone at my office on Friday night like a knucklehead and I just couldn't go almost a week without it so I had to come in on Sat to pick it up. Mind you, I live about 30 miles away from my office..... *sigh*. But, while I was here, I squeezed in a visit & cookie delivery to my friend and her DH/kids so that was nice. My DD had a blast playing with her kids. It was a long day....we were gone from 6:45am til 7:30pm. Sunday I cleaned, wrapped, did laundry & stuff. Monday, Christmas Eve....more laundry, lots of cooking. Too much multi-tasking which resulted in a seriously UN-fun injury. Let's just say the moral of the day was "Topless Baking Should Be Strongly Discouraged!!" Don't ask....... Suffice to say, unlike Enola.....I will NOT be posting photos of my injury!!

After that fiasco, we went to my friends parents house. They are like parents to me as well. They always call me their honorary daughter or fourth child. I love them so dearly. We had a really nice night just visiting with everyone. DD did not want to leave. She managed to stay awake all the way home and we left out cookies and carrots. She went to bed and then I was up til 3am putting her big toys together and filling the stockings. Slept til about 8:40am and she was still sound asleep! I woke her up to peek downstairs and her face was just utterly priceless when she saw Santa had come. I wanted that moment to myself before my mother came over.

Mom showed up at 9 and we did some presents, breakfast, more presents. Playing. Dinner. Playing. Dessert. It was really a wonderful day. DD was the focus all day so it was fine as far as interacting with my mother. A few times she crowded me in the kitchen and I just told her to go enjoy her grandbaby and let me do my thing in the kitchen.

Yesterday was bliss. We deemed it "Reheat & Relax". My best GF came over and we lounged in our PJ's all day, watched movies, ate leftovers, played with DD. It was lovely!!

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Marj aka Thriver said...

I'm so glad you had a wonderful Christmas. It makes me feel all warm and cozy just reading how you described it!

Thanks for the link. I've added you to my sidebar links as well.