Saturday, December 15, 2007

More Dreams

I was in a diner type place and I think I was with another adult female but I don't know who she was. I never got a really clear view of her face. There was a young couple in a booth across from us and they had a tiny baby. I was watching the baby and smiling, admiring how tiny and cute. The girl came over to me with the baby who was VERY tiny and naked and was showing her to me. I said that the baby must be a brand newbie b/c she was so tiny. The girl said yes, that the baby was only one day old and she only weighed 2 pounds. She asked me if I wanted to hold the baby and I said yes. So I was holding the baby who seemed to be getting smaller in my hands and I was just admiring how precious. The girl walked away from me. I started to ask her why the baby was not in the hospital since it was so tiny but she wasn't answering me. Suddenly we were all outside and the baby was even smaller, like I was holding her on the end of my fingertip and I could see she was in complete distress, dehydrating and dying. I was trying to give it water and I had one drop hanging off the end of another fingertip that I was trying to get the baby to drink but I was afraid it would drown her b/c she was so tiny. I grabbed the girls hand and put the baby back in her hand. She wiped the baby back onto my hand which for some reason now had a white m&m in it and the baby ended up smeared onto the m&m and was all in pieces. I cupped my hands around it and didn't let the mother know the baby was dead. Then we were all in a kindof dark old room, like a musty cabin or something, very cluttered and kindof poor condition. There were 2 doors to this room and the other adult girl and I were tying the doors shut. In the dream we were keeping the girl out of this room where I still had the m&m baby in my hand but the purpose of this was somehow to make her deal with what was had happened to the baby. We were keeping her out but it was keeping her in?? Weird. Finally I had to tell her that the baby was dead and she needed to accept that.

I was in a house that had tons of people in it. I know that me, my mother, DD and "A", a casual friend of mine, were there. Then there were a bunch of other people who I don't know but I did know them in the dream. DD ran outside across the yard and out into the road to go to the mailbox across the street. A van almost hit her on the way over and then a blue car almost hit her on the way back. I just stood on the front steps and watched, screaming, my hand half over my eyes and on my forehead. I was staying there b/c I knew there was no way I could make it to her in time. I was screaming at her STOP, DD, STOP! But she was just running around without a care. She did not get hit and she came back to the house. I was yelling at her. "A" was there and saying the same things. I didn't want her involved so I took DD to the bathroom which was like a public bathroom with multiple stalls. I decided I needed to take her out of the house to talk to her and so we went to this roadstop type of diner/restaurant. We went inside and it was FILTHY with food and vomit all over the place. It was very narrow and crowded and the only couple tables that were empty were just gross. So I kindof sheepishly made my way to the other side of the restaurant (shaped like a half moon) to the exit. the other patrons were sneering at me and calling me a snob and a princess.....that I thought I was too good for the place. I was still scolding DD for going out to the road. I told her she she never go out into the yard without a grown up and she should never ever ever ever ever go out into the road. never under any circumstances. She was kindof laughing at me and saying yes but I knew she wasn't taking me seriously. We were walking along some path talking and I think my mother was there also. We were picking flowers along the way. Next we were back at the house with all these people. In fact, I think it was my condo. There were extra people and beds and stuff everywhere. I had to climb over things to get to any room. I was still trying to talk to DD. She was tired from the walk and she layed down in the sink. She was a baby again in size only. My mother and her friend "L" were there and I was trying to get the flowers into a vase but my mother kept stopping me to show L what each flower was and the story behind DD picking each one. I went to put water into a vase and I let the water run into the sink while my mother was telling L the story of the vase, also. Then I remembered DD was napping in the sink and I turned off the water in a panic, frantically feeling around in the sink among dirty dishes to find her but I could not. I looked over at my mother and she was holding DD (still a baby) on her shoulder. Then DD was her regular age again and I was still trying to talk to her about running out into the road. There were 2 little girls, possibly twins who were trying to talk to me and tell me about their father or grandfather who had to go get a heart stint. Apparently they lived in the house too. So I was trying to talk to them, talk to DD, talk to my mother, do laundry, bake a cake, prepare dinner, find all the ingredients in the kitchen and having to climb all over the extra people & things in the house. I just remember feeling like it was completely ridiculous that I was trying to do so much at once.

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