Thursday, January 3, 2008

Monumental, for me.

I did something monumental at work today. As the title of my blog suggests, I've tried so hard to maintain the appearance of perfection. The together woman....unphazed, do-it-all, uber-organized, never bats an eye at taking on more work or a challenge. Well this morning, I went to my boss and told him I'm drowning right now. I proposed some workflow changes to help alleviate my load. And I sent an email to everyone in my office basically recapping what I know they are waiting for from me and telling them when I will have time to complete it. This was HUGE for me. I have never admitted to a person of authority that I was in over my head. I felt it made me a failure. Today, it was great. I'm human and I admitted that. I set some boundaries, gave people realistic expectations of me and I took care of ME for a change. My boss thoroughly respected what I said, acknowledged that he knows I do alot of work for the office and have numerous big projects all coming to fruition at once. He was happy to rearrange things in order to help me out. How nice!

And now....back to work!!

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Enola said...

YEAH - way to go. I'm so proud of you for setting a boundary and asking for help in keeping it.