Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Survivor Needs Meme

I was tagged with this a while ago by Enola but I never did it because....well, a few reasons.
#1: I'm not really sure what a "meme" is and I was afraid to do it wrong and look stupid
#2: I don't have 5 blog friends to tag who haven't already done this
#3: It was the holidays and frankly I didn't want to take the time to think about what I needed and wanted.

So, following the rules....the original post is on Survivors Can Thrive but I am apparently unable to figure out the linky thing....and I give up trying!!!! And now for the hard part. 25 needs and 5 wants. If I could do that the other way around, I'd be much more comfortable!! :o)

1. Grounded breathing every day. It really does help me stay focused.
2. To accept, and confess, my human limitations. No more telling everyone, including myself, that I can handle everything.
3. Get more sleep. Lack of sleep truly encourages all kinds of negative behaviors for me.
4. Find healthy and constructive ways to release the suppressed anger I have built up over the years.
5. Listen to the "Healing the Father Wound" tapes my T gave to me and do the work of putting that relationship to rest.
6. Make connection with my Inner Child.
7. Continue changing the "dance" with my mother through awareness of old patterns and refusing to be sucked back into them, as well as establishing new boundaries.
8. To connect with other survivors in any forum possible to share, learn and support.
9. To overcome my addiction.
10. To separate from all other unhealthy coping strategies.
11. To learn how to relax and just be. Human Being, not Human Doing.
12. To be able to have fun without feeling guilty.
13. To regain the feelings of security in my home. (Thanks to the installation of my new alarm...this should be forthcoming shortly!)
14. To teach my daughter, through example, how to express her feelings in a safe and constructive way. To not pass along any of the bad messages I learned as a child.
15. To remember to take my meds every night.
16. (Stealing this one from Enola): I need to accept that my family members are who they are and stop wishing they would all somehow change into exactly who I want them to be.
17. To keep a journal next to my bed so I can write down my dreams before they disappear.
18. To not be afraid to trust my instincts.
19. To respect other people's healing process and whatever point they are at with it.
20. Coffee. By which I mean....I need the simple pleasures in life and allowing myself to revel in them.

Y'all are going to have to cut me slack and let me get away with 20. Seriously....this took me a week to get this far!! There ya go....call this #21....I need to ask for what I need & want!!

1. A healthy love relationship
2. Sugar free, calorie free, fat free chocolate that I can eat in never-ending supply that has absolutely no negative side effects that feels and tastes exactly like Godiva. :o) (a girl can dream......)
3. Harsher penalties for child abusers, even first time offenders.
4. Sleep should be optional, not necessary.
5. To win the mega powerball jackpot!

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Marj aka Thriver said...

Hey, 20's good. This is a FANTASTIC list! I can tell you really gave it some thought. Thanks for playing with us.

I really love what you said about chocolate in your "wants" list. I want that, too! ;)