Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Shutup, Netflix!!!!

And Yahoo. And Hallmark. And gift shops, restaurants, commercials. I KNOW that Father's Day is coming. I realize it. I don't need it blasted in my face every 5 seconds. I don't need a card. I don't need gift ideas. I'm all set with that. I'm fairly sure if I gave any of the gifts I'd like to anyone who flutters around the designation of "father" in my life, I'd end up in jail.

I did something last night. I think I should not have done it. Yet I'm having a hard time saying that for sure. The biggest reason I think it was wrong is because I'm not sure why I did it. What is there to accomplish with it? I'm not sure. I wasn't really thinking about it when I sent it.

Allow me to set the stage.....As you know, if you read my previous post, I was sleep deprived, stressed out, on the verge of heat-stroked! DD had made a father comment earlier in the day. I'd taken a Xanax and then a huge thunderstorm woke me up from an already fitful sleep at 12:30am. What was on the TV when I woke? Some more crap about Father's Day. I was loopy and out of it. And pissed off.

I sent an email to XBF about how my DD still asks for him. I think I was in "misery loves company" mode. It was stupid and impetuous. He hasn't read it yet. I don't anticipate he will reply. I will be so happy when Father's Day is over.


Enola said...

(((Hugs))) Try - it's how I truly feel about F day.

Maia said...

I know what you mean ... I have a great father but a hellish grandfather and lots of relatives who still expect me to worship the ground he spits on. I HATE all the reminders about tomorrow. Take care. And ... it's okay to guilt-trip your ex about your DD. She so totally deserves more from him.