Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Who Inspires You?

I have to say I'm not all that impressed or inspired by many high profile people who would be considered role models. I'm inspired more by everyday men and women (mostly women, lol!) I meet. But there is one celebrity who I find particularly fascinating and uplifting and that's Mary J. Blige.

I have seen a few interviews with her, particularly the one on Oprah. Mary was molested at age 5. She grew up in some difficult circumstances. She's struggled with alcohol and drug addictions. But her story has a happy ending. I love her music. It's personal. It moves me. And there are some fantastic dance tunes!! Perhaps you've seen this iPod commercial for "Work That" which has fast become my morning anthem!! It's a very empowering song!! I italicized the parts I particularly LOVE!

Work That
Work your thing out, Work your thing out
Theres so many-a girls, I hear you been running
From the beautiful queen that you could be becoming
You can look at my palm and see the storm coming
Read the book of my life and see I've overcome it
Just because the length of your hair ain't long
And they often criticize you for your skin tone
Wanna hold your head high cause you're a pretty woman
Get your runway stride home and keep going

Feelin great because the light's on me
Celebrating the things that everyone told me
Would never happen but God has put his hands on me
And aint a man alive could ever take it from me
Working with what I got I gotta keep on
Taking care of myself I wanna live long
Aint never ashamed what life did to me
Wasn't afraid to change cause it was good for me

I wanna...I just wanna be myself
Don't sweat girl be yourself
Follow meFollow meFollow me
Girl be yourself
That's why I be myself
And I'm gonna love it, Let em get mad
They gonna hate anyway, Don't you get that?
Doesn't matter if you're going on with their plan
They'll never be happy cause they're not happy with themselves
Work what you got
I'm talking bout things that I know
Work what you got
It's okay show yourself some love

I love how she says she's overcome it. Not that she's over it. Not that it no longer matters. But basically that she worked her thing out and is strong in spite of the past. Or maybe even because of it. I love the "runway stride" part. Because I find that when I walk confidently, it makes a huge difference in my attitude. And I love the last's okay to show yourself some love.

What do you do to show yourself love??


Rising Rainbow said...

Me, I ride horses!

Angel said...

Good post. I had no idea about Mary J. Blige's personal life.