Monday, August 11, 2008

The Furry Gull-Mother

This is what DD calls Cinderella's Fairy Godmother. The Furry Gull-Mother. I can't correct her yet; it's just too funny. :o)

Seriously, I've been in therapy for too darn long to be able to watch movies like this. I'm watching it with DD thinking how screwed up Cinderella is.

First her mother dies when she's very young. Her father remarries this cold, hideous shrew of a woman who brings her two self centered daughters into the home. Then Cinderella's father dies. Abandonment issues! Anger issues!! The step mother spends all the father's money on her own daughters while forcing Cinderella to serve them as maid, cook, personal assistant. Yet she keeps a smile on her face throughout it all and dreams of being "rescued". Delusional!! Dissociated!! The step mother & sisters live in the father's luxurious home/castle while Cinderella is locked in a stone tower & forced to live there. Her only friends are mice, birds & the dog. Some may question her sanity at this point as she dresses them & has conversations with them!! She lives a lifetime as an unwilling recluse being verbally, mentally and emotionally abused by the only "family" she has left. Then her first night out of the house she "falls in love" with the prince in the course of one waltz? Come now.....what are the chances of that marriage being successful?? Happily Ever After, my ass.


Enola said...

LOL - I'm glad I'm not the only one that has such thoughts. I won't even begin to tell you my thoughts after we watched Bambi last week

Maia said...

Absolutely agree! My sibs don't watch anything Disney and ... well, when they do watch TV it's usually PBS or Animal Planet or Discovery Channel, and it's something that the adults have watched and "screened" for "messages". Which is pretty funny, but kids are so influenced, you know? It's also really funny to my that two of my sisters LOVE Hannah Montana and yet they have only ever watched the show at friends' houses (maybe twice total). Too weird.