Thursday, August 28, 2008

Hey, this is progress!!!!

As I mentioned in my earlier post, today is my DD's 4th birthday. We've been making a VERY big deal of her special day!!! I'm so excited to celebrate her and make her feel cherished. I'm leaving work shortly to bring an ice cream party to her school. From there, we're going to get our nails done, the park and then out to dinner. Maybe ice cream. And some serious snuggle time at home.

After I got to work, a familiar thought popped into my head. "I wonder if Donor realizes it's her Birthday." But here is the progress.....the "new & improved" thought that followed "Eh, who the hell cares?!?"

Last year, that thought nearly ruined my day. Wondering if he remembered and then wondering if my other XBF remembered (for clarification, I began dating XBF when DD was 2 mo's old and he took on the role of "Daddy" for a couple years) And then my father issues surfaced and I had all this old emotional garbage to deal with.

Today....the thought showed up again without the emotional power it has held in the past. And THAT, friends, is a reason to party!!!


Lynn said...

Happy Birthday to the little sweetheart! I'm glad you are not so bothered by whether or not he remembered. It's nice to be able to have something good without that cloud.

Strong and determined said...

Congrats on the healthy progress. :) Your day out with your daughter sounds like lots of fun, especially getting your nails done together! I think my daughter would love to do that too. Maybe for her birthday..

Tamara said...

Happy belated bday to your daughter! Congratulations on your progress. It is so wonderful when we can recognize progress in ourselves. This is a reason for celebration!