Wednesday, August 6, 2008


I was tagged by Breaking the Silence to do the following. Thanks, I'm in need of something like this!

1. I'm tired of: Feeling like there are not enough hours in the day to accomplish everything I want and need to.

2. I need to keep: motivated!

3. I am listening to: nothing, really....the hum of my AC, my co-workers talking and the incessant jingling of another co-workers chain belt that sounds like a dog collar.

4. I wish: I could win the powerball.

5. Chocolate is: necessary for survival.

6. I have lost my respect for: my mother. My boss. And pretty much 98% of all mankind.

7. I last ate: cobb salad & 1/4 of a spicy thai & basil chicken wrap.

8. Someday: I'll be organized again.

9. I will always remember: lots of things, really. Good things and bad things.

10. Love is: a big fat pile of bullshit. Bitter, party of one................

11. Today is: improving

12. Tomorrow: will probably arrive too soon!

13. Party: birthday? polictical? I don't get the question.

14. Where is your cell phone? next to me on my desk

15. Tired or Energy: Tired

16. Are you wearing jammies? I wish...but I have a feeling my boss would frown upon it.

17. Upset at? DD's sperm donor

18. Last beverage: coffee. Lovely, divine, nectar of the Gods Coffee.
19. Last phone call: work related, unfortunately

20. Last time you cried? this morning

21. Fallen out of love? I don't think so....maybe kindof. But really, I never loved him for real in the first place. I think it was more realizing that as opposed to falling out of love.

22. Laughed until you cried? Oh yes, thanks to my friend J, many, many times! Laughed until I've cried, choked, peed &/or shot various beverages out my nose!!

23. Met someone who changed your life? Doesn't just about everyone who enters your life in a significant way change your life in one way or another? Definitely yes, many people.

24. Most interesting thing you've done today? Looked at a website for one of my clients who is selling their 26,000 square foot mansion with photos and video of the house and grounds. Complete with glass enclosed wine tasting room, brick pizza oven, indoor pool, 52 foot ceiling in the great room & on the grounds are the bear & bull from Wall Street. I simply cannot imagine living this way....but I'd like to try if I could accomplish #4 on this list!

25. Favorite number(s): Don't have any

26. Current mood: "Eh"

27. Last people you hung out with: My co-workers at an office lunch.

28. Dream Car: Classic Olds 442 Coupe

29. Hair: Auburn, long & curly

30. If you could have one thing, what would it be? A (simple) cure for all types addiction. Like "Here's a shot. You're all better now."

31. Birthday: June

32. How's your life? Not as enjoyable as it probably should be

33. Last time you held hands with someone? This morning walking my DD to daycare

34. Last hug? This morning dropping DD off at daycare

35. Ever crawl through a window? Why would I do such a thing? There are these convenient larger openings called *doors*...................

36. A weapon to suit your personality: A whip....more specifically a cat-o-nine-tails, because I tend to lash out.

37. Where's your mom? In her OWN world!!

38. Morning or night? Morning

39. Last movie? Alvin & the Chipmunks, LOL

40. Scars: Many, visible and non.

41. Thing about the opposite sex you first notice: Eyes, smile, shoulders

42. Dye your hair red? I've done it. Probably not again, though.

43. Worst personality flaw? Impatient. (Tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, tap.......)


Strong and determined said...

It was interesting getting to know you a bit. You seem witty and a little sarcastic. (I could be wrong there...but I hope not, because it's great!)

Perfect said...

ME?? Sarcastic??? LOL! Yeah, just a bit....glad it came through! :o)
Thanks for the comment!