Monday, April 7, 2008


It was a very busy weekend. I'm exhausted!! Friday, I left work and picked up DD. We stopped at the grocery store. After we went home & spent some time together, I was up baking until midnight! (Oh shoot, that reminds me I left cookies in my car....going to get them & bring them back to the office!!) Okay....they are now being devoured in the kitchen. I work with a bunch of animals, I swear (AKA: Men)!

Saturday was a full day. We left the house at 9am and went to a hair appointment for me. Getting rid of those nasty grays takes a good 2 hours! From there, I took DD to a nearby duck pond. I'd brought a loaf of bread for the occasion. We fed ducks for a while and DD was so funny with them, quacking back and all. It was a beautiful day here and we quite enjoyed ourselves. From there, a couple errands and a touch more retail therapy, lol! DD has grown so much and, at 3 1/2 years old, she's the size of a 5 year old. I have mostly size 4 clothes for her for summer and so I jumped on some sales to pick up a few 5's for her.

Had a little time to kill after that so I grabbed some lunch and we came to my office to eat. It's nearby to our afternoon/evening plans and it worked out great. At 4pm, we went to a playdate/dinner thing with some friends from daycare. Ended up being 8 couples (plus me all by my lonesome....) and about 15 kids. They played outside until they were drained and freezing. By the time we sat down for dinner, all the kiddo's were fading and cranky. We left around 8:45; DD was asleep before the end of the block! It was an hour drive home and my girl slept straight through til 9:30 Sunday morning!!

I woke up before her and took the opportunity to do some cleaning. I'd left the kitchen a disaster on Friday night and not had time to clean on Sat. I had 2 people coming over for a visit on Sunday so I needed to clean up! In addition, I was doing laundry & potty training DD, which has been a source of much contention. After hours and hours and I'm talking HOURS of her stubbornly holding it in.....she finally peed on the potty. I was sooo excited! And so was she. We sang pee-pee songs, called our friends, danced around the living room. She went again one more time before bed and we did it all over again. She said she wanted to go to daycare in undies today so I let her. I'm scared to call and see how it's going!!! Okay, I just called...shes 1/1. One success & one accident. I'm okay with that! Although this now means we have to bake cupcakes tonight! I told her if she went 3 times, we'd have a "Potty Party" at school! Dear heavens....more baking!!! Agh!

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