Friday, December 12, 2008

5 Warning Dreams About Holiday Stress

Thought I'd share this that I got from a newsletter I subscribe to about the power of dreams.
With the shopping, cooking, decorating, guests, parties, cards, etc. we tend to put too much on our plates and before we know it, we're having a break down!
But if you pay attention to your dreams, they'll let you know when you've reached your max.
These are the 5 dreams to look out for:
House Fires - Your nerves are frazzled, find something calming that will extinguish your stress
Drowning - You are in over your head in responsibilities, find some time to breathe
Explosions - You've got a short fuse right now, take time to yourself before you explode at someone
Clogged toilets - You are holding in your frustration, find someone you can trust to unload your grief on and that can give you some constructive advice
Falling - You are being too much of a perfectionist, realize that it's okay to make mistakes and not have everything turn out perfect... in fact, imperfections make things more interesting!
What are you doing to take care of yourself during this busy time of the year?? For me, I make sure I spend at least a little bit of time each night sitting in front of my Christmas Tree and relaxing, either watch a show or do a little knitting. And I listen to Christmas music in the morning as I get ready because it gives my day a happy start!


Enola said...

My dreams are CRAZY lately. I think all the sleeping/waking means I wake up in the midst of dreams and remember them more.

Shannon said...

I wish I knew how to knit or quilt, Kim! What you are doing sounds wonderful.

It's so funny that lately I've been thinking about how I've been lazy too long and that I should be pursuing my masters degree. But what I'd really love to do is learn how to knit or quilt!

I haven't had any of the dreams you mention lately, which in so many ways is truly amazing for me because this time of year is riddled with the year's peak of work stress. Now, I'll be on the look-out though!

I've been trying very hard to view life differently. I've tried to let go of my tight-hold and control.

So, I've been reading.. not much as I barely have any time, but on the plane or wee hours in the am, I've tried to grab a little time to read (by the Christmas tree).

If you're a reader too, I highly recommend reading "The Four Agreements". It's really helped put my control issues and anxiety into perspective in such a positive way.

You sound happy, Kim. Merry Christmas!

Kim said...

Enola - I'm sure that contributes to remembering more dreams than usual. Do you know the average person has 6 dreams a night? But we rarely remember more than the one we were having when we wake up!

Shannon - glad to hear from you. You don't have a blog, do you? I was looking for it but I don't see it. I actually learned how to knit by buying a DVD & starter kit. I don't make anything too difficult. It's just a relaxing hobby. I'd say it's a good time-passer for flying but I wonder if they would allow knitting needles on a plane? I'll have to check out the book you mention; control issues are big for me. If you read down a few posts, you'll see mine about the Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. Have you read that?