Monday, February 4, 2008

I'm Quirky

I was tagged by Enola

The rules: Post these rules on your blog and links where appropriate. Share six non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself. Tag six random people and let them know they've been tagged.

1. I combine 2 different sets of silverware that are very similar (as in probably no one else would even notice when the pieces are mixed) because I'm crazy particular about the size, shape and weight of each piece. My forks must have long tines. My knives must be heavy. My spoons need a particular shape. So when I set the table, I need the fork and small spoon from one set, the knife and large spoon from the other set.

2. When I set the volume on my TV or CD player/radio, it has to either be an even number or a multiple of 5. ie: 20, 22, 24, 25, 26, 28 are all fine. 21, 23, 27 and 29 are no good.

3. I can't read my email until I clean out my bulk and spam folders. Once I see those are empty, then I can proceed to my inbox. Once in my inbox, I will first delete emails that I don't need to read, then proceed to emails I'm less interested in and will save the emails I most want to read for last.

4. I cannot function without lists. I've even been known to make a list of the lists I need to make. I make them everywhere and on everything. From the back of grocery receipt while I'm in the car, in Word at the office or ripping out a subscription card in a Dr's office waiting room and writing one there! I'm forever listing, listing, listing. And often, when I'm listing, I will start with related things that I've already completed just so I can cross it off right away!!

5. I'm a word lover. I really love writing and language and using less common words when I do write. I have open most of the time to check words or to use the thesaurus. If you watched me while writing, you would often see me stop typing and close my eyes with a somewhat puzzled face while I go through a repetition of touching each finger sequentially to my thumb, doing both hands at the same time. This means I'm searching for a particular word. I get a little giddy when I find the perfect word (and SUPER frustrated when I can't!!).

6. I'm wildly addicted to a stupid and brainless computer game called BeJeweled. I have been known to play it for hours on end, when I can't sleep, until my eyes get squirrely and I can still see the game when I close my eyes.


Enola said...

OMG - I do that. Touch each finger in sequence to my thumb. I tell you - we are sisters separated at birth.

Marj aka Thriver said...

Shoot, I really need to get to my list, as I got tagged, too.

Speaking of lists, I used to be a HUGE list maker, too. But, I stopped that.

My game of choice is Mahjong. I can play it for hours, too.

Angel said...

Words--oh yeah. I've been known to peruse the dictionary for fun.

Lists -- most definitely.