Friday, February 29, 2008


Forgot to mention this earlier. I remember a little snippet of my dream from last night and it's so completely obvious, it's hilarious. My parking lot at work is underground; I call it the "dungeon". It's extremely dark, cramped and tough to park in. Apparently a few years ago, they discovered this building was beginning to shift and they had to reinforce it with lots of concrete poles. So there are huge pillars like every 2-3 spaces in the parking garage.

So my dream was that I was driving around in the parking garage and I couldn't figure out where to park. I'd start to pull into a space then realize I wasn't going to fit there, try to pull out but I'd get stuck b/c of another car behind me. I kept driving around, trying to get into various spots til finally I found one wide open....utopia! I pulled in with ease and realized that it wasn't a parking spot at all....I had just stopped in the middle of the driving area!! Oops.

Parking Lot: To dream that you are in parking lot, suggests that you need to slow down and take some time to relax from your daily activities. To dream that you cannot find a parking space, indicates your inability to find your place in life. You may still be on your quest to find your niche where you belong. Alternatively, it may reflect your busy life and the lack of time you have.

Hmmmmm, ya think??

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