Monday, February 4, 2008

Weekend & Email

Let's start with the fun stuff.
Weekend: My DD and I had a super fun weekend! Decided to take off Saturday morning and head up to New Hampshire. It's not like me to be so impetuous. Couple little stops along the drive and we made our way up to Portsmouth where there is a fantastic children's museum. We got there around 1:00 and stayed til about 4:30. She had so much fun. We go there every year when we vacation in NH. I read they are moving this summer to a bigger location. Can't wait. We left there and drove right over the bridge to Kittery, Maine. Stayed in a super cute hotel. DD had a blast jumping on the beds (a vacation treat I indulge her in) and eating mini gummie frogs. There was a candy store directly next door to the hotel with 10,000 pounds of candy on display. I am not exaggerating!! It's right on their sign. 10,000 pounds. Can you imagine? There was a minor tantrum as I had a tough time finding a pasta place in a New England lobster town....but all worked out.

We got up leisurely on Sunday morning and had continental breakfast at the hotel. There was a woman in the lobby with her son, who was 7, and she and I just started chatting. She was admiring my DD who is biracial, as was her son, and we started talking about their hair because African-American hair has different care needs. It led into talking about their fathers and we found we had similar stories as far as being basically abandoned by our kids fathers. She was a sweetheart and it was a nice conversation. Anyway...after that, DD and I went to Starbucks and then let the shopping begin! I think I will make a mental note that Superbowl weekend is a great time for outlet shopping! It was so quiet. Unless it's only because New England was playing. But I got some amazing deals. With any luck, DD won't have another growth spurt like she did last year (sprouted 8 inches in 9 months, thank you very much.....) and I have almost a full wardrobe for next fall/winter. If she does grow right past the size I bought, it will make a nice profit on Ebay. So it's a win/win! We had lunch. I treated myself to a new perfume because I haven't bought any since May of 2003 when I was in Vegas!! Made another Starbucks run and hit the road home. It was really nice and I think I might make that an annual trip!

Okay here is the other subject.
Email: My mother forwarded me an email joke from my brother. I don't even know what it was because it was a video and I didn't feel like watching it. I guess it bothers me that her relationship with one of my abusers is so front and center under my nose sometimes. I know she talks to him and sees him. I don't expect her to know what will and won't trigger me because sometimes I ask about him so, in doing so, I "tell" her it's an acceptable subject. The biggest thing that came out of the email was that my brother had sent it to my father and my father's email address was in the forwarded email. I didn't have my father's email address and looking at it made my stomach drop down into my toes. I started over-thinking it.....was this a sign that I need to contact him? Whatever it does or doesn't mean, I saved it to my address book. Just in case. I feel big things brewing with my tackling father issues in the near future. So you never know.

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Cat said...

Wow, that had to be a different feeling for you. Not knowing your whole story but seeing this post and a few others makes me think you have been very strong for so long and being faced with so much can be tiring. I wish you the best and hope that you're able to make the most healthy decision with that email...maybe waiting for now is a good thing?

Thank you for sharing.