Sunday, March 30, 2008


Had a very symbolic dream last night. I dreamt that I stopped at a store with my DD to pick something up quickly and when I came back out, my car had been stolen. I looked around for it but could not find it. I called the police to report it stolen and they did not come out to take a report. I was waiting and waiting. I kept talking to different people about it and everyone empathized but no one would help me. At this point, DD was no longer in the dream. I walked down the road to a gas station and was trying again to get someone to help me. I called the police again but no one answered. I ended up walking home alone on a dark wooded road feeling nervous and hiding from other cars when they passed by.

Whoever is into dream interpretation will know that a car generally symbolizes the "self" or ego. So a stolen car suggests being stripped of your identity. And naturally the part about no one helping me or responding to me in any meaningful way is an obvious commentary on my youth. About my parents &/or other adults not intervening for me. I'm interested in T's take (or anyone reading) as to the significance of the timing of this dream. I've just done father work, written a letter of farewell to my dreams of having the father I desired. I'm starting on some inner child work. So, I'm wondering what part of my identity I feel I'm losing right now. Or if it's less specific than that and just speaks to the good work I'm doing in T right now and my general progress which makes me less who I used to be and brings me closer to who I'm supposed to be.

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April_optimist said...

Interesting dream. Maybe you're being stripped of the identity your abusers gave you and needing now to figure out who you actually are?

My form of the dream is having to pack and go--in 15 minutes--and not being able to do it because there's too much to try to pack into my bags and I couldn't carry them all even if I could and how do I decide?

Last night I had a new one--I discovered I owned a wonderful luxury hotel and all I had to do was begin to invite my friends there and I woke up smiling because it was such a lovely new version of my dream.