Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Never a dull moment....

Bianca has asthma. It is sickness induced. She is on 2 types of preventative medicine year round. But generally within 24 hours of getting any cold-like symptoms, her asthma flares with a vengeance. At that point I have to start her on her "rescue" inhaler. I'm allowed to give her 3 doses at 20 minute intervals and then a 4th dose an hour after the last of the 3. If that doesn't's off to the ER.
So last night, I picked her up from daycare and brought her back to my office. This is a usual routine for Tuesday nights since I have choir rehearsal on Tues. She was coughing, coughing, coughing. This is her manifestation of asthma, BTW. She doesn't get the wheezing so much as the brochospasms. They are just painful for both of us! The poor kid is so sore from coughing all the time, non-stop. And my pain is watching her in pain. Any of you who are parents know the ache of being helpless to make your baby feel better.
Anyway, here at my office, she was coughing so long and hard that she ended up vomiting. Fortunately I know the noise and I was able to catch (most of) it in my garbage can. I'd already decided not to go to choir and that certainly solidified that I'd made the right choice! So we went to the pharmacy to pick up a new inhaler since we wore out the old one. I maxed out her dosage on the inhaler. I put her to bed. She couldn't fall asleep. Cough cough cough cough cough. After almost an hour with no improvement I knew we could not avoid the ER any longer. So I got her out of bed. She was so sad looking. She follows me into my bedroom where I'm putting some public-appropriate clothing on (pink snowman pj's didn't seem like a good idea for ME)She says "Mama, I just don't feel very well." As I was sympathizing, she lets out a series of coughs and with no warning *Blaaaagh*...pukes all over my quilt and my carpet. *sigh*
Summing it up.....I took her to the ER at 10. We were there til after midnight. They gave her a nebulizer treatment and a loading dose of steroids. She slept solid and quiet for 5 1/2 hours and then got up like a trooper at 6:30am. She was NOT going to miss her party at school!! She was adamant. While the steroids "typically" take 48 hours to kick in, that's not typical for Bianca. She is usually better after the first dose. This AM, she was coughing her curly little head off. I maxed her out on albuterol again. Very little improvement. I brought her to school, I gave them the story and told them to call me if she can't finish out the day. I called her specialist and filled him in. He told me to give it til tomorrow and if she's not improving, bring her back to the ER. And he thinks they are going to change her everyday preventative medicine to something stronger after this episode is over.
Her daycare just called me and said she's getting worse as the day goes on. Unfortunately, I'm maxed out on treatments for the day. I have to hope that the next dose of steroids helps. Dr said to try a cough supressant but I know that doesn't help her when she's like this. My heart is breaking for my little bean. She's so miserable. So I'm finishing my 3 things I need to do at work and packing up. Going to get her shortly and go home.
If I don't post again before tomorrow, I hope everyone has a very happy Thanksgiving!!


mile191 said...

i am so sorry for your baby. know i am praying for you both. ♥

Enola said...

Poor Bianca - and poor Mommy.

Strong and determined said...

Hope you are both able to curl up in a blanket and get some rest today.

Cassandra said...

i hope that Bianca feels better soon!!

wanted to let you that I had to change the URL to my blog.. long story... but the new URL is



Tamara (TC) said...


I just read your last few posts to catch up. Oh my gosh, I am so sorry for all that you are dealing with.

First, I hope that Bianca gets better really soon. That must be so frightening.

Now, I feel your frustration and hopelessness over not being able to get into the overeating program like you had hoped. I am glad you at least found an online group to give you support. I wish I knew something to say to help you. Since I don't know the right words, I will just say that I am very sorry.

I am sending you hugs and strength,

Angel said...

I hope Bianca is feeling better and you both had a good Thanksgiving.